Social Networks - How it Works

Information Sharing

Share your commute and personal information with the social networking functions of both Facebook and Twitter in Commuter Connect for ridematching. This allows you to choose to share additional information over and above profile information such as first name and approximate location on map. Other commuters feel more comfortable if they can learn more information about their potential matches through their public social networks. Sharing social network information is optional in Commuter Connect. You decide how much you want to share.

  1. Connect your profile to Facebook
    Then people you match to can see the public portion of your facebook profile.
  2. Connect your profile to Twitter
    Then people who receive your name in a match list can see public portion of your Twitter profile, and things you've recently tweeted.

Log in with Facebook

If you link your Commuter Connect profile to your Facebook profile, you can log in with Facebook. It's simple - if you're already logged into Facebook when you visit the Commuter Connect web site, you are automatically logged in. If you're not logged into Facebook, you may choose to log in with your Commuter Connect credentials (email and password) - or click the Facebook login button and log in with your Facebook credentials.

You must first create a Commuter Connect profile and link it to your Facebook profile before you can log in with Facebook.