How does Emergency Ride Home work?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a service provided by Commuter Connect for all qualified commuters who work for a participating employer.

When you are experiencing an emergency, login and we will provide you with free taxi service from your workplace back home or back to your vehicle. This service is free for the commuter, but can only be used on days when the commuter uses alternative transportation to get to work.

To qualify for a free emergency ride home, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be registered with Commuter Connect
  • Be an active participant in a carpool, vanpool, or walk, bike or use transit
  • Use any of the above commuting modes to work at least three days a week
  • Work or live anywhere in the nine-county Central Indiana Region
  • Work for a participating company

See our ERH BROCHURE for more details.

To use Emergency Ride Home...

If you are eligible for ERH, you may request an ERH Trip Voucher right through this web site. Look for "Print Emergency Ride Home Vouchers" on the right on the menu page.

Eligible commuters may use up to 5 trips/year, starting from the date you became eligible for the ERH benefit.

When you request a trip, you get a printer-friendly on-line voucher. Simply print the voucher and follow the instructions on the form.

As you use each trip, it is tracked by the Commuter Connect database. Commuter Connect always keeps your information private and does not share information with third parties.

At any time you may view your ERH program status, including the number of trips taken and number available to use. Just look for the "View your ERH Status" link on the menu page.