How Carpool Rewards Work

We'd like to help your carpool group to keep carpooling! With Carpool Rewards, your group can earn a gas card ($40 for a 3 person group, $60 for 4 or more) for each month you all carpool together. The program last for up to three years, and you're eligible for up to 12 rewards.

To be eligible, you must not have participated in this program before. The members of your carpool group must also must live and work in our service area.

Step by step...

  1. Register for the program.
    Fill out the on line form, and identify the members of your carpool group. Any members that are not already registered in our database will be asked to complete a registration.
  2. Report your commutes.
    Everyone in your group must individually report the days they carpool via our commute calendar. Every day that everyone reports a carpool commute counts towards the reward.
  3. Get your reward.
    Our staff will check each month to see if you and your carpool partners carpooled at least 12 days. (You can check to, via our Carpool Calendar page.) The carpool captain of qualifying carpools receives the reward.
  4. Don't stop there!
    Continue to report your commutes - every time you don't drive alone, you're entered in our monthly prize drawing, even after your participation in the Carpool Rewards program.

Why do we offer this incentive?

It helps you by reducing the cost and stress of getting to work. It helps the community by reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. It's a win for everyone!

Note: The program metrics such as the number of days, the program length, the carpool size and the reward amounts are configurable in the Commuter Connect software.